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Monroe’s Radiology Experts on Minimizing Children’s Radiation Exposure

When it comes to radiology, kids are not mini-adults…they’re growing individuals with a higher sensitivity to radiation– and are more susceptible to it’s long term effects. Because they live longer than adults, they have more time to experience a negative impact from radiation exposure. Special attention needs to be paid to which studies are used, minimizing radiation exposure or using an alternative test such as ultrasound or MRI which do not use radiation.The radiologists at Hudson Valley Imaging in Monroe, NY, are conscious of the negative impact radiation exposure can have on their smallest patients. They have been providing expert radiology services at their all-digital diagnostic imaging centers in New Windsor and Monroe for over ten years.

Here are three ways all imaging centers can minimize children’s radiation exposure:

  • Provide Proper Training For Personnel: All personnel involved in using diagnostic imaging and radiography equipment must have completed the appropriate training and be certified so they can deliver the lowest possible dose of radiation.
  • Explore Alternatives: Both MRI and Ultrasound do not emit radiation and can sometimes be used as a substitute for other imaging, under a doctors approval.
  • Least Invasive with Greatest Success: When it comes to kids, the least invasive test should be used that produces the highest degree of accuracy.

It’s important for the parents of children who are undergoing radiographic scanning to work with a reputable, ACR Accredited diagnostic imaging center when seeking treatment for their little ones.

Hudson Valley Imaging in Monroe, NY, is affiliated with St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital, is fully ACR Accredited and has been serving patients since 2013. The team is led by a board-certified physician who ensures that all patients receive the highest level of care possible. To schedule an appointment, call (845) 220-2222. You can also visit their website for more information.