CT Scan

A CT Scan, also known as Computerized Tomography, is a highly sophisticated combination of x-ray and computer technology used to produce a series of cross- sectioned images of your body, much like slices of bread. CT Scans provide physicians with an incredibly detailed image of the area of study.

This non-invasive test has become a critical tool in the diagnosis of cancers, trauma, cardiovascular and infectious diseases as well as many other disorders by providing a level of detail not available through x-ray alone.

Some CT scans require no preparation, while others require fasting and/or drinking of an oral contrast to coat the gastrointestinal tract- you will be given specific instructions on your scan at the time of scheduling.

Intravenous contrast (I.V. dye) may also be requested to visualize organs and blood vessels. Blood test results may be needed if your physician orders intravenous contrast.


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