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Detecting Appendicitis: CT Scan & Ultrasound

Appendicitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the appendix. Both CT and ultrasound scanning help doctors detect and properly diagnose it so they can perform the necessary surgery to treat it. Hudson Valley Imaging in Monroe, NY, provides exceptional diagnostic imaging services for clients in the surrounding areas, and their compassionate staff treats patients with the most current advancements in digital imaging.

CT Scan Advantages

CT scanning is one of the most widely used digital imaging techniques, and it has many benefits. Though a CT scan typically costs more than an ultrasound, it is more sensitive in picking up soft tissue, blood vessels, and bone simultaneously, making it the preferred method of detection for most patients with appendicitis. However, since CT scanning uses X-rays for  imaging and emits radiation, doctors do not like to order it for pregnant women or children unless it is absolutely necessary.

Ultrasound Advantages

Oftentimes,  practitioners can identify appendicitis using ultrasound technology, especially in thinner patients, but the imaging is not as reliable as that produced by CT scanning. Because ultrasounds use high frequency sound waves for imaging, they do not emit radiation, making them safe for pregnant women and children. Ultrasounds are effective at picking up soft tissue detail, and in many cases, they are a viable way to diagnose appendicitis in patients who should not undergo CT scans.

Once a doctor identifies appendicitis in a patient, a fairly routine surgical procedure will follow. If you are concerned about your health and think you may need an ultrasound or CT scan, turn to Hudson Valley Imaging in Monroe, NY. Visit their website to learn more about the reliable digital imaging services they offer, and call (845) 220-2222 to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound or CT scan today.