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Claustrophobic? Here are 3 Radiologist-Approved Tips for Enduring an MRI Scan

For some patients, an MRI scan can be an uncomfortable experience, particularly if you’re claustrophobic. Modern diagnostic imaging, however, has advanced to the point where patients have a lot more space on each side than they ever did before. However, if small spaces make you anxious, the Monroe, NY-based radiologists at Hudson Valley Imaging are prepared to help you get through your MRI comfortably.

Here are a couple tips for your next MRI scan:

  • diagnostic imagingPractice Relaxation Techniques: When you can’t control a situation, the next best thing you can do is mentally prepare yourself for it. It isn’t always easy, especially if you have strong anxiety, but relaxation techniques are a valid coping mechanism for these situations.
  • Listen To Music: You can listen to any music you like during your diagnostic imaging session if it calms your nerves. As long as you stay absolutely still during the procedure, music is an excellent way to get through an MRI. Special magnet-resistant headsets will be provided to you by the facility. Never attempt to bring your own headset or any other metal item into the MRI room.
  • Communicate: Most MRI machines come equipped with a communication system that allows you to speak to your MRI tech during the scanning process. Use it if you need to. Even just hearing the tech’s voice and being reassured of his/her presence may set you at ease if you’re feeling nervous.

Hudson Valley Imaging has the most State-of the-Art diagnostic imaging facilities in Monroe, NY. For any questions about your upcoming MRI scan, feel free to call us at (845) 220-2222, or visit the website for more information.