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Breast MRI: A Radiologist’s Newest Tool in the Detection of Breast Cancer

In recent years, more and more doctors are using breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a supplemental tool to find and diagnose breast cancer, especially among women who are in a high risk category. At Hudson Valley Imaging  the radiologists use breast MRI to produce detailed internal images of soft tissues in the breast. When combined with a mammogram or ultrasound, the breast MRI is an excellent tool for diagnosing breast cancer.

What Is A Breast MRI?radiologist

An MRI uses radio frequencies and a powerful magnetic field to create complex pictures of the inside of the breast. The scan produces pictures of soft tissue parts of the breast from a variety of angles, which are then reviewed by a radiologist.

Who Should Get a Breast MRI?

Breast MRI is often used as a breast cancer screening tool for women with dense breasts or a family history of the disease. In some cases, if breast cancer has been diagnosed, radiologists use breast MRI to determine the size of the tumor, the development of additional cancers, and the presence of large lymph nodes in the armpit. Breast MRI can also be useful for evaluating breast implants, distinguishing between scar tissue and recurrent tumors, and determining whether an abnormality on a mammography requires a biopsy. Generally, breast MRIs are not recommended for women at average risk of breast cancer.

Breast MRI scans are painless, and can take up to an hour. If your doctor recommends you schedule a breast MRI, the radiologists at Hudson Valley Imaging will provide you with guidelines on how to prepare.

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